Aug 5, 2015
FromZeroToZero (All reviews)
MY First Serious Review ! The review doesn't contain spoilers

People say that the anime industry is going down. Well, that's completely wrong. What's going down is the quality of the anime. Unique plots is something rare to see in modern day anime.

Story 4/10
One of the worst parts in the anime. The setting is in a fantasy world where magic exists. Yeah, you probably heard that in most synopsis of new anime. There's probably nothing special about the plot. Fanservice is there and in an excessive amount that makes this series unwatchable. This anime is probably going to the harem route but it's just a probability because it doesn't focus on romance

Art 5/10
I will be blunt about this, the art was mediocre if not crappy. You probably saw the character designs in another anime, especially the red haired tsundere. The fighting scenes were terrible and slow.
Sound 5/10
Nothing special in the sound department. The OP and ED are plain and normal.

Characters 4/10
I consider this part of the anime the worst. You just need one word to describe it, cliche. The protagonist is your OP main character, but I consider him the second best character. The first one is of course the Ice Cream guy. You have the Tsundere, red-haired feamle, the shy one and the narcissist one.

Enjoyment 2/10
I'm really picky about the anime I watch. I try to avoid an anime that is about magic and contains a lot of fanservice. I tried to give this anime a chance but it was what I expected.

Overall 5/10
This isn't the worst anime of the season. You probably would enjoy it if you didn't care about the plot and fanservice, but if you did, you'll probably drop it. Have a good day MAL community