Aug 4, 2015
Raqiya (Manga) add (All reviews)
Mycelis_Tsukiyo (All reviews)
Raqiya is a manga based on Gnostic mythology. No idea what that is? Don't worry, you can still enjoy it. Except if you are a strict believing catholic, then you might want to burn this blasphemy.

First, be warned: Raqyia is full of tragedies. The story follows Luna Hazuki, a girl who apparently was chosen to destroy earth. There is no great adventure to save the world, there are no bishounen demons or angels fighting on her side. The story plays on our normal Earth where most people are normal. Or in a creepy cult that prays the Gnostic gods and defiles virgins.
The story already starts rather dark but it gets more and more dark and obscure. Especially in the last few chapters you might either sit infront of your screen in awe or shake your head wondering what the hell is happening.
This review seems to be rather vague, but simply splicing it up into parts wouldn't be able to capture the uniqueness of the manga. I just can recommend to try it out yourself.