Aug 4, 2015
hydrascarlet (All reviews)
Bloody Mary has a good plot and so far its plot seems to be really well planned out so that's a plus.
The pace of the story is fast, which I like. I don't advice reading all chapters in a row because there's a lot of information at each chapter but it's hard to stop reading.
Unlike MAL says on the genre, this manga so far isn't a shounen-ai.
The art is STUNNING. Just look at the cover.
Bloody Mary is such an adorable character, it's impossible to not love him too.
The only complaint I have is in term of character names because three characters are called "Maria" and then there's one "Mary" and one "Bloody Mary" and those names may lead to some confusion.
Yet, it's a great manga nonetheless. If you're interested, you should give it a shot.