Aug 4, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
Asu no Yoichi is an average anime that lacks a lot to be good so don't watch it but if you want to, go ahead read what you're getting into.

It's a Harem/Ecchi anime so you shouldn't expect anything special from this, the story is about Yoichi an overpowered samurai (but that makes sense because he spent his whole life training to be the best samurai), a samurai that wants to expand his knowledge on other abilities that he doesn't know so his father sends him to a Dojo that specializes in the same ability (really?), he wants to see if they can teach him something new, he gets a Harem of sisters where 2 of them are interested in him, the problem is that he has no social skills whatsoever so he doesn't know how to behave to the situations he or the sisters puts him into, in the way they stumble upon other people from other Dojos with different abilities and kick their butts, and that's it, the story is just average.

Art & Sound
The art is good, could have been better, but it was well animated but not smooth.
The sound was good, the music and voice acting were good.

The character development was ok, i liked only one of the sisters, Ayame, i also really liked Washizu he was hilarious with Torigaya who in every episode gets smaller and smaller (and only in the manga you will know the reason behind this apparently) every other character was just average but Yoichi was my least favorite, he was too naive.

I really liked a lot the comedy Washizu and Torigaya had to offer, but they appeared from time to time so it was less enyojable, Washizu was the
best character (which didn't appear a lot) and i liked Ayame too, which makes them the best part of the anime, also the weak ending didn't help, it's an average anime.