Aug 3, 2015
Ezekiel_01 (All reviews)
Anime Review No.8
Akuma no Riddle an anime about 12 girl assassins enrolled in a prestigious private high school where they are gathered there for one reason and that is to kill the daughter of a very powerful and influential clan in japan. The plot is already not promising for it’s kind of one sided. Oh come on? 1 vs 12 and they are assassins for crying out loud! But the story have a twist one of the assassins named Tokaku Azuma decided to protect her for unknown reason giving the targeted girl named “ Haru Ichinose” a chance to survive. This anime is something you can expect to be good because it’s like the same with Mirai Nikki in terms of two partners helping each other to win the battle royal in a yuri type of way but entirely after finishing this show you will be disappointed for you can’t understand what is going on about the show?

“Warning this review may contain spoilers but if you want to be save by not wasting your time to badly written animated show please here me out”.

Plot (3/10)
There are so many elements and events that make the plot badly written to the point you can’t understand the show anymore. It’s not your fault if you can’t understand the show. It’s the plot’s fault for not giving proper explanation on what’s going on. I list down below the major plot holes they carelessly didn’t give a damn for the viewers to better understand the flow of the plot.
 1st is that the Tournament rule mechanics is not properly explained. Even though they did explain the rules for just a “few seconds” you can’t understand what are the penalties and other alternatives that rule can offer. They just let the action do the explaining in which in the end just make the viewers and also me so confuse in what the heck is happening to the show. We don’t know what happen to the girl if she failed to assassinate the girl and another thing is that does the rules even fair to begin with? The girls are randomly selected to kill haru but do the girls have the right to interfere just to give them the chance to kill haru in case the present challenger failed? The problem of the rules is it doesn’t give a clear explanation how it works which make the battle royal pointless.

 Another thing is that Haru background story is unclear why the black classes wanted to kill her. Being in an influential family is not enough for an explanation.

 The logic of the show is screwed. Why do haru even push herself to study in a school where she already knows that all her classmates will attempt to kill her?

 Being friends with the people who will try to kill you is very stupid mindset even in the most common sense.

 The show present flashbacks to characters at first it was understandable but as the story move’s forward I cannot even understands each of the story.

 The story is trying to make the characters feel dramatic or I call it the “FEELS” factor which is useless for the characters have no depth. You cannot make character depth in a few seconds of a flashback which is another weak factor for the plot.

 The plot is so train wreck you cannot take it seriously for the action makes no sense.

 Lastly the biggest plot hole is that haru manage to survive just because the characters who have the 100% chance of killing her and win the game goes full retard in at the last second and always give Tokaku the “prince charming figure” the chance to save the damsel of distress from its assailants. Obvious plot armor.

Characters (3/10)
The characters have no originality if you watched a lot of anime with typical stereotype of personalities it is not hard to identify. Major weaknesses of the characters by the ff.

 If you are going to kill someone never give a second thought that’s not assassin like. The moment I always see this scene the more I discover this girls are not really mature assassins but immature children going on crazy because of puberty.

 The logic of Tokaku being allied with haru is senseless. They just met for a few hours, talk about each other’s pass and exchange some dialogues and boom what we got Tokaku changing of heart out of the blue’s thought the so called manipulation ability of haru explained in the last episode make’s sense but still it's confusing if you need to endure 11 more episodes.

 The action’s and logical reasoning of the characters is so predictable in the point you’re annoyed.

 Pretentious dialogues. My issues of this show for what they say is different on what they act.

Sound (2/10)
Characters songs are pointless if you don’t like the characters.

Art (5/10)
I will give an average score for the good action scenes, knife slicing, explosions and girl punches.

Enjoyment (2/10)
I just enjoyed the small scale action and nothing more.

Overall (3/10)
This anime is not about assassin being mature but it’s just show killing people is “Immature”. Immature violence and nothing really happens in the story. Nobody dies and everybody lives happily ever after like the story just makes a reason for the girls to kill and hurt each other in the first place.