Aug 3, 2015
ChucriBZ (All reviews)
This is my first review maybe you will agree with me, but everybody has their own opinions, i always wanted to make a review but i end up forgetting to do it everytime i watch an Anime. Here is my review about this flawed greatness.

I liked the story because it reminded me of our society, people taking advantage of others, people helping others and end up being betrayed by them. The story was about this selfish, pervert, bad person Mizuno Kanta and you may or may not like him because of how he is, but he followed his own desicions, he is a mercenary that only helped if there was money involved, if not he could let a kid die in the desert without feeling guilty, is not the typical white knigth MC he is ''Sunabouzu'' and there is more to the story than that, it was outstanding.

Art & Animation
Even if i saw this anime back in 2005 i would think that they could have done a better job with the art style, and a lot of character looks the same like all the girls had the same face but they just changed the hair style and that confused me thinking they were the same but the animation was good.

At first i didn't like the OP but after listening to it in each episode i was liking it more and more, it was goofy and different, same with the ending but i didn't like that much the 2nd OP and ED, the OST was great in every scene.

Kanta or ''Sunabouzu'' is remarkable, he is a pervert, selfis prick, immoral douche, but he is following his ideals, he hates people that wants to help other people or the world change for the good, he wants it to stay like it is, because he thinks that way is balanced, he doesn't change a bit, like the typical guy that is tough outside but good on the inside, he stays like he is, but goes further more to follow his ideals, he can't say no to Junko because boobs, you will like him, hete him, despise him, like him again, maybe cry for him.
-Asagiri Junko is a big breasted woman that always use Kanta to do her job, she always betrays him after he does her job, you may like her or hate her.
-Amagumo this guy was always funny, everytime he appeared was funny and make you laugh, he was unique.
-Taiko is someone i liked since her first appearence for some reason, and i tought she was going to be a good part of the anime, and i was correct and even bigger than i expected at the end, you will see why.
There's a lot of good character like the Kagamuchi Brothers, Natsuko and why she followed the life she has and whose fault it is, outstanding characters.

I enjoyed how funny this was, the adventure they had, the contracts he tooked, the characters, and how it makes you feel that there is not bad guys vs good guys at the end so for me the enjoyment was outstanding.