Aug 2, 2015
chilon (All reviews)
I'm a big fan of the original series and the manga. This was a huge let down. The animation quality is dreadful, lazy, sloppy and ugly. I think this is best illustrated by Usagi's buns, they are consistently drawn on top of her hair when clearly they should be behind her hair and peaking out over the top; this looks so ugly. Considering major details of the main character are so badly drawn you know what to expect from the rest of the art.

The story in the original anime and manga also came across as very kitsch, I think this was a huge part of its charm. The remake comes across as overbearing and too serious, 0% kitsch.

The art tries to emulate the manga style somewhat, but the manga designs where a lot cuter, Takeuchi had a very unique scribbling style of drawing. When these were adapted for the original anime big changes were made but the new designs worked really well in the context. The new designs emulate the manga designs too closely but lacking the charm, they come off almost as bad as modern American CGI.

Some things I can't blame on the remake, the manga character development was never a strong point. Everyone but Usagi/Chibi/Marmora are quickly discarded ending up as carbon clones, only there to support the main characters. If anything the original anime managed to improve on this, in spite of major story rewrites being made to target the show at a younger audience than the manga was aimed at.

I was really hoping to recapture some of the magic of when I was younger and watched the anime (the german version because it wasn't on UK TV) and read the manga. Rewatching the anime 15 years later in Japanese was still a really joyful experience. Watching this anime is something I'd rather forget about. It doesn't change how I feel about the first two works but it's definitely a huge disappointment.