Jul 30, 2015
moody-echoes (All reviews)
This manga is definitely worth a shot if you have enough patience- or you do have a liking for gag manga aside from action shounen manga. For the first 65 chapters or so it is mostly composed of one chapter stories that display the somewhat comedic daily life of main character Tsuna, and many of the main characters are introduced during these chapters- my advice is, don't let these chapters fool you into thinking that Reborn! is a boring manga that is filled with filler-like blank plots, it really isn't and that is because after these chapters, the series gets very, very good- sort of like how Darker Than Black is, if you are familiar with that anime you probably know that it took it's time to amaze it's viewers. After the aformentioned daily life arc, the series mood shifts (literally) and shocks it's readers with the serious development of plot AND the characters given that you mostly see them fooling around in the first arc. From then on, the seriousness is continued and the gag-style plots are dropped, leaving it's place to a great action shounen manga- so getting to those chapters is basically like finding a hidden treasure. It is a shame that people drop this manga because they couldn't bear with the first arc. Another good feature of Reborn! is that it has a great art style which develops throughout the whole series- a feast to the eye!