Jul 29, 2015
aikojazz (All reviews)
Finally... I got to finish this anime. Even few hours after I finished watching, adrenaline still overflowing inside of me. I really enjoy this season. Okay, before reviewing, I have read all the manga chapters before the anime even started the third season. Even though I did enjoy reading it, I was not that hyped up for the ending... but the anime did the reverse. With solid story as the base, characters we have grown to love, animated in such an astounding way, this is one of the rare case when I feel more enjoyment with the anime.

Story: 8/10
After the winning the match against Yosen, Seirin team proceeds to semifinal facing Kaijou. In the same time, Shutoku vs Rakuzan. Both have fought hard, but in the end Seirin got to meet Rakuzan in the final. Before the final showdown, we are shown a flashback of the days of Kuroko with the Generation of Miracles back in Teikou middle school. Then.. yeah, the showdown.
The storyline of the anime faithfully follows the manga, which makes me utterly happy.

Art: 9/10
Production I.G outdone itself once again. While the previous seasons are good, this season is particularly so much better. With more flashy opening sequence, better and smoother animated movements... Knowing a bit about 2D animation, I am in awe thinking how much frame they used to make those pose, passes, throws, shoots very smoothly. Dribbles and drives are especially better here. They may use a bit of CG but it is used very efficiently and can blend rather well with the other animation. Effects like the Zone, Kuroko's magic passes are done very well too.

Colors are very bright and brilliant. I really love the flashback arc in particular. The colors of the sakura trees, sunset, inside of the stadium... everything is really pleasing to the eye.

The only thing keeping the art from getting 10/10 is.. sometimes the animation quality drops a bit and slight distortion in the character design at times. Nevertheless, it is really great.

Sound: 9/10
This is one of the major factor that keeps the experience of watching anime better compared to reading the manga. Upbeat opening and ending songs, then background music that is pumping your energy during matches.. mellow music during sadder or reflective scenes... They make everything so much more exciting, grande and emotional when the time calls for it.

Seiyuus / voice actors are doing their roles very well. ^^

Character: 10/10
If you follow Kuroko no Basket since the very beginning, you will see a lot of development, both in the characters personally and how they interact with the others. After meeting Seirin, Generation of Miracles gets more humble and they got reminded of how fun playing basketball is. Well, they kinda lost the excitement of playing since they consecutively won with ease during Teikou days..

Then we got to see more of the first years in Seirin.. Furihata, Fukuda, Kawahara.. finally they got to enter the court at least. Also more screentime for Koganei, Tsuchida and Mitobe. The starters in Seirin has developed to the better too.. they have better teamwork and trust to support each other. Kagami is powered up some more.. Kuroko is no longer as stoic and expressionless compared to the very start. Kiyoshi, Hyuuga and Izuki also has their glorious moments. The other characters like the guys from Touou, Shutoku, Kaijou, Yosen, other schools that went against Seirin before are also shown. Basically everyone who have made their appearance in this series from season 1 appeared again, in the match or among the audience, contributing either by encouraging the cast or giving their observation about the match. This really highlights that the season 3 is really the final.

Enjoyment: 9/10
Although the direction of the series may seem very clear and Shutoku vs Rakuzan is very one-sided, the matches are so hard for Seirin vs Kaijou making me brimming with excitement. I'm kinda sad the flashback (which is my most favorite part) is not that highlighted and only have 4 episodes. However, although short, they managed to cover the most important parts and tug in your heart, especially after Ogiwara's team went against Teikou. I really feel heartbroken along with Kuroko and Ogiwara. And when the final match is over, I also feel triumphant.

Overall: 9/10
A really good way to wrap up the story of Kuroko Tetsuya and his basketball journey.
Highly recommended for sports lovers and of course, the fans of Kuroko no Basket manga. You won't be disappointed :)