Jul 29, 2015
khunter (All reviews)
Psycho pass the movie, as just a frame of reference, was better than the entire second season of Psycho pass. The movie flowed well, had a good plot & furthermore, and actually more importantly, is a good segway to lead into a season 3 of Psycho pass, which, if done like this movie, can probably rival the first season.


I will skip any synopsis as MAL already did that.

PSycho pass the movie does a pretty decent job of keeping a good flow. The plot is original as it can be & the action scenes, which are frequent, are brilliantly done and amazing. Regardless of what you think of the plot, you will never be bored with this movie as each frame is an integral one and there is no wasted dialogue nor scenes.

However, the story suffers in two major ways: The first is that despite it being original(as you would expect) it's not terribly unique or fascinating. It's pretty much easy to follow and you can almost sense what the ending will be like. It's certainly not entirely predictable but's not challenging in any way, which leads me to the second part: It's not a movie meant to challenge your mind in anyway. Psycho pass the first season was very psychological and even in the second season, there existed these questions of right and wrong, law & order, justice, etc, albeit less interesting than the first season and less intriguing. The movie does nothing of the sort, at least, nothing that hasn't already been made clear. Which again, leads to the first negative aspect of the story. It's not unique. No unique story, no unique elements. Try and think of this movie as something similar to a fast & furious movie or a seth rogan movie. Entertaining, but not entirely bright or especially good.

Art: 10/10 would bang

The art in the movie is incredible. INCREDIBLE. incredible(one more time for shits & giggles). The budget must have been more than whatever Donald trump spends to keep his fake hair on his head each month because there is not a dull frame. In fact, sometimes, the background is even better animated than the characters! Obviously, each character is animated perfectly but most surprisingly, so is every frame as i mentioned. The art in the back, from the cityscapes to the ruins are incredibly well done, near as perfect that you could want. The action scenes are amazingly well done as well & probably the most impressive about the art. Things you will notice for sure is the background, the way the character's hair sways in the wind, and the fight scenes.

I gave it an 8. Could be a 7 honestly. I'll tell you why. English. English, english, english. Never thought I'd hate hearing my own language so much. Terrible pronunciation throughout, and entirely unneeded. It's not like the country in question is America or Australia. It's fucking south east asia. Obviously English is more common than Thai or Vietnamese and maybe even easier to learn but it's unneeded and bad & there's heavy dialogue in english, even from people such as Kogami & Akane. For that, it gets a 7.

However: I give it an 8 because any movie that does that, is really trying. That is something new and I appreciate that. To me, it reminds me of watching a film with subtitles, aka, a foriegn film, which despite me having to read and listen to Danish or something, The movie is so good. Or if a movie hires actors who can speak another language or have them learn it. But most big budget films don't & instead, I'm reminded of movies such as the boy in the striped pajamas where no one speaks german & instead has English accents which is confusing as fuck. So kudos to them for at least incorporating some culture.

As for subs, Voice actors do a great job as usual & the music is as expected, especially that one, and you know it when you hear it, when the fight is about to happen or shit just got real in the story. Background music, which includes aforementioned "shit hits the fan sound/song", is good and ranges from memorable to ok but it never does the show injustice once. Great job all around.

I gave it a 7. I've heard people say that this movie tried hard to have more villains like Makashima. There is literally no one like him. In fact the only person like Makashima is Makashima, who makes a cameo(I'll get to that in a bit). The villains introduced serve one purpose: To die. You can tell it from the beginning. It's a movie. Not a season. There are not memorable and pretty dull and are there only to antagonize the story and give it a conflict. There is no point mentioning names, and again, each is pretty standard and boring. Though, that being said, the mercenaries are cool, as like fighters and stuff but the leader is given unnecessary dialogue to make him seem smart. When he's clearly expendable as fuck.

Here, let me explain about reoccurring characters. For one, the supporting characters play no role, except for Ginoza, who for some reason does not wear glasses anymore and has a different hairstyle, so at first I didn't even know it was him. He got a lot better looking. Anyway, some of them, like that red Haired guy from season two(sho) & the sadistic black haired guy(Togane) don't even have dialogue at all. Maybe Togane has 1 line & even Kunizuka(the kind of lesbian enforcer from season 1 & 2), has like 3 lines. In fact, the most important person, as far as dialogue, and actually, at all as a supporting character, is karanomori. Saiga says a few things that aren't really important, other than to fill screen time for Akane to mull over his words. And finally, that stupid bitch partner of Akane's is back too, being a bitch and pretty much disagreeing with everything Akane says and does even though she doesn't know shit that stupid whore piece of...

Sorry. Anyway, as for main characters.

Akane is actually more likable. Wow. First season I hated her stupid black & white ideals and her happy go luckly bullshit. Season two she dulled down but she was still too happy and her ideals still kind of black & white. Now, though her ideals haven't changed, she seems to directly oppose the sibyl system now, especially by the ending and pretty much dictates what the sibyl system should and can do. She also seems more closed off personally and serious, which I like more, and her character has developed well from s1. She has even taken up fighting. So kudos to the staff at Psycho pass for making her more likable.

Kogami: Yes he is back. Finally. And as you can imagine, he's still a bad ass motherfucker who doesn't take any names. He hasn't changed much but it's cool to see him play a role outside of his enforcer one back in s1 & therefore is integral to the story. His sense of justice is still strong and unwavering and the new thoughts & feelings we learn from him are great because 1, they help his character develop and 2. he becomes more likable. Which is pretty hard.

I'm going to address the cameo of Makashima. He is so unneeded. I dislike psycho pass 2 & this movie using him so many times as references. All because he was so great and every other villain sucks & every problem has to come back to him. They talk about him way too much. Just leave him alone. The cameo actually pisses me off because, one, he's a fucking hallucination of Kougami's, who for no reason is hallucinating him so it's not even believable for him to be there & two, because Psycho pass will do anything to talk about him & this time they just had the balls to draw him & animate him. The dialogue he has between Kougami isn't even important & considering it's a figment of his mind, doesn't even matter because it's already shit Kogami knows. It's not new information. Psycho pass will never be able to recreate a character like Makashima because Makashima is arguably one the greatest villains of all time.

Enjoyment: 9/10

None of the problems or concerns mention took any precedence over enjoying this movie. Though it takes 45 minutes for Kougami to even speak, it is a great movie worth two hours of your day. It sets up as a perfect transition to season 3, though is most certainly a stand alone movie, and in no way leaves a cliff hanger.

For those that found that too long, i will give a quick recap of pros & cons.


-Great animation, as perfect as can be, including characters & backgrouns & fight scenes.
- Fight scenes. That is all.
-Solid, easy to follow plot.
-Character development from Akane & Kogami.


-Not a very unique or challenging plot.
-Supporting characters pretty much useless and left with no dialogue.
-Villains forgettable and bland.

As you can see, pros outweigh cons, go & watch it.
As shia Labueff would say, JUST DO IT