Jul 28, 2015
La_Matona301 (All reviews)
Diabolik Lovers review.

OOOOOH, HOOOO, Mr. Sadistic Night.....

My Verdict for each of this OVA's category:

Story: A Mediocre 5

Art: Poor 3

Sound: Mediocre 5

Character: Dreadful 2

Enjoyment: Dreadful 2

Overall: Dreadful, dreadful and dreadfullllllllll 2.

Ok, so what we have here can only be describe as the introduction of the Mukami's and the Tsukinami's for the upcoming season 2 of this dreaded anime. Already, what I can see were just the addition of other reverse harem members, that would further complicated Komori Yui's already hellish situation as the vampires' living blood bank, so far since the OVA was still connected to the 1st season's story (up), there is no point anymore of me giving this OVA a higher score than 5. Also, the Art (up) as usual them vamp assholes look like a bunch of homosexual old farts, both in fashion and in hairstyle. Sound(up).....well, there isn't much for me to say anything, since the ones who did the character's voices are still there, it's basically a mediocre. Character (up), they literally suck, as they are just good in sucking up the poor girl, and already I don't see any happy ending for the girl in the up coming season 2 and I also don't see any bad ending for them vampire asshole, like them Sakamakis', Mukamis' and the Tsukinamis' in the upcoming season 2, Enjoyment (up) I feel like going to Japan and give the writer of this dreadful anime/OVA a smack in his/her face (don't ya'll even get me started, putos). Overall (up) it sucks, sucks and suck, basically this OVA hasn't strayed away from its usual blood sucking porn.