Jul 27, 2015
caturface (All reviews)
Just finished Psycho Pass: The Movie and without taking any time to collect my thoughts just decided to begin writing my opinion. To start off, no this isn't nearly as good as season 1, but it is still much better than season 2 (though really that's like saying a High school track star is better at the 400 meter dash than the top special Olympics competitor, so not exactly a fair comparison). The story line was quite intriguing to say the least and had a nice, but not entirely unexpected plot twist that any fan of the series should see coming a mile away. The animation was top notch, but what else would you expect; and the music managed to set a nice tone for the action. Some characters came back, even if they were mirages, and made this movie hearken back to the first season of the show, which after the intense average-ness of season 2 is quite nice. Overall a solid film that slipped up in some places, but hell, it was a herculean task to stand up to season 1, and this movie made an effort so props to it. Overall 7/10.

tl;dr: Tsunemori is bad at her job, Sybil is a dick, and I want to lick whipped cream off of Kougami's body.