Jul 27, 2015
AKB0048 (Anime) add (All reviews)
pedrosp14 (All reviews)
First let me apologize for the mistakes I can make as I am from Brazil.
I have watched some Idol animes to know that this one is my favorite of them. I will try not to tell any spoilers.

Story (8):
The plot spins around 4 girls who as kids attended to the concert of AKB0048, an ''rebel'' group who makes concerts on planets where entertainment is banned, facing lots of danger they risk their lifes to bring joy to people, and show love. These 4 girls decide that one day they will join this group. I really think this is a great story, it is different from what we are used to on idol animes. I mean, even though it is an idol anime it has a lot of action on it due to the fact that entertainment is banned in a lot of planets, and there are fights on it. There are also some emotional parts (nothing that resembles something like Clannad but it gets to you). One feature that i liked is the fact that they used the real akb48 names on the anime to refer to the ''original'' members.

Art (9):
The art overall has nothing really special, but it is well made, and the 3D characters on the dancing parts are really cool.

Sound (9):
Well the soundtrack is the music from akb48 the real idol group from japan, so its really good. The music that the girls sing are also from the group so thats cool. I liked it.

Character (9):
I felt like every character were well developed and had enough time to make people fall with them. Of course there are the main ones that got more time but secondary characters also are important for the trama. If anyone is wondering, my favorite is Hikari Kimishima also known as Yuko Oshima the 9th!

Enjoyment (10):
I think i finished all 2 seasons of this anime in 3 days, and that is a lot, i just got hooked from episode to episode and couldn't stop, I really liked it and i feel that even dough there should be a third season, the second one has a decent ending.

Overall (9):
I recommend it to anyone that seeks an Idol, musical, action or drama anime cuz this one has it all. It is between my favorite of the genre so give it a shot, it has kind of a slow start but it only gets better!