Jul 26, 2015
berserkersoul (All reviews)
takena's at it again.

so for those who are unfamiliar, Takena Nagao does really short claymations that depict scenes similar to what you saw/will see in C.L.A.Y.

ART: 9/10 if you are able to put the weird and disturbing plot aside, he is actually really talented. he's really good at animating in clay so i gave it a 9

STORY: 5/10 his works are short and are kind of repetitive. its all horror and this one didnt stand out. it was quite creepy though. this short is just about a girl who faces off with a monster made of clay.

SOUND: 7/10 he usually does his works without any sound but someone of them do have sound effects. this one does and i think it adds to the scenes quite well

CHARACTERS: 6/10 the woman has no name, backstory or defining features but the monster made of clay was pretty inventive

ENJOYMENT/OVERALL: 6/10 it wasnt horrible but it wasnt awesome. this is definitely one of Takena's better stuff. definitely dont watch if you have a weak constitution