Jul 26, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)
Today I am going to revisit an uber obscure anime. How obscure? I've never met another person in my life offline that has actually seen this one, yet it somehow got an English dub! This OVA lost funding due to lack of interest and only 2 episodes were ever made, even though it was clearly intended to be a running series. Consider this a pilot for a TV show that never took off. Why would an American dub studio bring over an anime that only had 2 episodes and simply ended?!

The answer is because CENTRAL PARK MEDIA! This infamous dub studio plagued American Otaku during the 1990s and is now fortunately bankrupt. Central Park's leader was a guy named John O'Donnell, who was a Texas multi millionaire. He founded an anime publisher and dub studio basically for the sole purpose of trolling. He either brought over and adapted the worst titles known to man, or titles that only had a few episodes and left you wanting more... which of course you were never going to get. Sometimes he used his own money to create sequels to obscure anime, but only titles that NO ONE asked for! If people actually wanted to see a sequel, he refused to fund it. Most leaders are driven by rational self interest and make decisions that will benefit them personally. However, you occasionally get that one guy that frequently does stuff that doesn't actually benefit him, but he does it anyways JUST to piss people off and give the whole world the middle finger!

Plot and characters: 5/10

The plot is that there is a girl obsessed with pro-wrestling, who is reluctantly drawn into the world of kick boxing instead after a gruff old boxing manager notices her strong legs and perfect figure for kick boxing. It is sort of combination of Rocky meets Happy Gilmore. In the style of Gilmore, it is a zany comedy about someone who really wants to be good in one sport, but they suck at it and are absolutely amazing at a sport they initially dislike. Like Rocky, it features a naturally talented, but low ranked boxer going through a ridiculous amount of training montages with a coach that is basically an anime clone of Mickey from the first 3 Rocky movies. "Chase the chicken!" "YOU'RE GONNA EAT LIGHTNING AND YOU'RE GONNA CRAP THUNDER!!!" This series is cheesy, amusing, and I am kind of sad that it didn't get any love from anime fans at the time. The only thing this series needed was a Survivor soundtrack, Mr. T being a badass, and wildly inaccurate geography featuring 14,000 ft snow capped mountains just outside of Moscow!

Art and sound: 5/10

The art is pretty good for an old anime with close to zero budget. The soundtrack is forgettable, so just mute it during the training montages and play the Rocky theme! FUCK YEAH!

Overall: 6/10

This was an amusing little 2 episode pilot that could have been a hit series if it was marketed better and found the right audience. Obviously it is WAY too late to start a kickstarter and demand that the animation studio make this series, but when I was done watching it I almost felt the temptation to try. If Seikon no Qwasar could get 2 separate 26 episode seasons and Ikki Tousen and Kodomo no Jikan could each somehow get 3 fucking seasons, why did this only get 2 episodes? This is an underrated series that deserved a LOT more than it got.