Jul 25, 2015
So with most of the summer anime is closing their curtains, Wakaba Girls is also one of them. Being a 13 episode and 7 mins long, i would say, it was a fun ride with Wakaba and the girls through out the series.

The story tell us about Wakaba who is a rich girl trying to learn the common things that are done by commoners, she wanted to be a 'gyaru' which her friends help her, it was cute to see them doing girl things like eating ice cream, hanging out and more which Wakaba really takes it to the next level. The cultural festival scene was also fun, enjoying to see Wakaba crowned as the winner and yeah. Overall, it's a fair amount that i enjoy looking at the story as there is nothing much on the plotline except trying to become gyaru but glad that the story is not too complex to understand, as this is basically slice of life.

From my perspective, i already know that this author is the same person who write Kiniro Mosaic, since the character designs are obvious. Background image are not too saturated, and animations are not that bad either, great job Nexus studio! Would love to see more of your works.

Well, this is the second anime where i don't hear any ED song aside from Wakako, just only the OP, the OP is really catchy , i enjoy hearing it. Aside from that, most of the seiyuus are the seiyuu i've known like Ozawa Ari and Rie Murakawa whom they voice acted Wakaba and Nao. Great voicing! While Ichimichi Mao voiced Mao Kurokawa, i never know she can voice different way which she already voice acted Gakkou Gurashi's Wakasa Yuuri and
Izawa Mikako where she voiced Moeko, kinda cute to hear. Overall, it was enjoyable to listen all the seiyuus voice.

I do enjoy Wakaba, since she love to explore new things which she hasn't done in the past, i love seeing her doing stuff at the next level, like taking pic of foods repeatedly and taking a huge bite of Moeko ice-cream. She does react very funny but very cute. I find her interesting for a rich girl trying to be a gyaru. Nao, does really like to act like tomboyish since she kept saying boku but she tend not to use in front of them since she loves the boys-love genre.

Overall, i do enjoy watching Wakaba for my loveable wee hours of saturday, it alerted me to wake up before going to school as i do love watching cgdct, with the season over, wouldn't be a fun saturday wee hours anymore, but i do gonna enjoy with fall anime as they would have more SoLs and CGDCT airing but hopefully on Saturday.

So i do hope you guys enjoy reading this review, hope it's helpful to you though there are some of it can be a bit nonsense since my brain is overloaded with stuffs, but yeah do enjoy and have a nice day!~

P.S get me a season two for this.

Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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