Jul 24, 2015
Allen-KT (All reviews)
Here you can see the true meaning of underrated anime.

Starting here, i need to say that first season wasn't really good. But differently from most people i've enjoyed it pretty much specially because of Rikuo's growth. When i watched it i could see a completely different person from the beggining, with more courage to fight and other things.

However in season 2 i felt like the season one was completely shit. Here you have more fights, more strong villains, more ACTION! If the first season could be boring sometimes for being "slow" the second one is completely different! Training, fights, Rikuo's father story, Nurarihyon story... This couldn't be better.

The art on this is pretty solid. The animation itself isn't the best one but is good. Is pretty well done in some scenes. (9/10)

The sound is exceptional. Both openings gave me goosebumps and the soundtracks are amazing. Fits the series really well (10/10)

The best thing in Nurarihyon no Mago is that every character of the Night Parade has importance. Don't really mind if it's weak or strong, but everyone of them appear being important. The enemies are way better and strong of the first season. Rikuo as the leader needs to surpass himself to fight against them which makes this even better, Rikuo needs to grow up one more time. The only thing that could appear more is the humans friends, but this isn't really a problem (10/10)

Nura was one of the series that entered me on the anime world. I guess it was one of my first, maybe after Naruto and FMA. But i need to say that i've rewatched it and i felt like it was my first time watching. I've truly enjoyed it and hope that my little review show you guys a bit of how amazing this is.

The only thing that makes me sad about this is because we don't have season 3... Maybe one day.

Overall: 9/10