Jul 24, 2015
DeXeTer (All reviews)
Reborn is a generic shonen people may tell you it’s more than that but really it isn't the story is pretty interesting for a shonen a mafia story sounds cool right? Sadly we have a terrible protagonist which whines a lot characters like shinji and kamille do this a lot as well but their reasons are justified in their series. As they do have actually mental issues tsuna does not show this yes you can say it’s a fucking shonen but hunter x hunter had a psychologically distraught protagonist as well.

Tsuna is a generic high school teenager which has the hots for some girl and doesn't have the balls to do anything about it standard shonen cliché’s. The art is fairly mediocre as well the action scenes look alright for a shonen but everything else looks so bland and generic especially the character designs.

The soundtrack is very forgettable as well nothing really stands out except for the openings they are pretty great l think l like all the reborn openings which is really rare the last one is my least favourite though.

The characters god fucking damn it the characters l think l already talked about tsuna enough he is a standard generic shonen protagonist which wants to protect his friends also he dosen't want to become a Mafioso even if it runs in his family's tree his character is just so infuriating the other main characters are fairly forgettable as well only character l really remember fondly was hibari because he didn't give a shit about anything that happened none of the characters get a huge amount of significant development for a 200 and something episode series.

There is also quite a lot of filler in reborn especially in the future arc with the girls cooking food and going on strike and it all feels quite pointless for a shonen to have it was probably there to save money because l don’t remember the filler scenes going for as long as they did in the manga.

While l do have a lot of complaints with the story and the characters l did enjoy myself with the show it was a fun cheesy shonen just don’t bother with the manga it gets even worse especially with the manga ending which l won’t spoil.
Overall Hitman reborn is a fun generic shonen it does hold a special place in my heart though because it was one of the first shows l ever watched when l first got in to anime.