Oct 4, 2009
Moe_ (All reviews)
What to say for this series... It was very bad.

Art: No, just no. The art may seem fine, but it really isn't. It is inconsistent and unoriginal. We see the creators drawing Tomoharu normally, and then pinning a hair tail and a squiggily thing up on his head to make him look unique, but it just makes him look overly retarded. Then we have inconsistency with the drawings. Some parts, we see the eyes drawn weirdly, or one scene there is a whole bunch of blood, the next there's none. We might say Kanade looks well drawn, but she really isn't. Not trying to sound like a pervert or anything, but the breasts are all drawn inconsistently (no, I don't only look at her breasts while watching this anime, just something I noticed >.>) All the characters have some weird hair style, or their faces just look really weird.

Characters: Oh, the things I hate the most. This is the funniest part out of the whole anime on what Tomoharu did. Kanade tells him not to use Kurogane anymore. Then during a time when Shuri was kidnapped, he remembers what Kanade tells him, looks at Misao, then summons Kurogane. Kanade tells him two times to not use Kurogane and he just ignores her, and then at the end, he yells why didn't anyone tell me this. He is the most stupidest and densest person in anime history. Not to mention all of a sudden making Misao turn visible. That was the most random and stupidest turn of events. Then they make Kanade nothing more than an object of fanservice. Making her say lewd jokes or having lewd things done to her. She clearly is an important character, but...let's make the audience thing otherwise. All the characters have unoriginal characters or appearances. They are all stupidly dumb or retarded.

Sound: What to say, nothing really. It wasn't good or bad. At the end, they just used the opening and ending back to back. The music wasn't great, but it wasn't too bad. I mean when someone gets stabbed, we actually hear it. So it's "normal". The opening was ok, not really my taste.

Story: Story is horrible. We see one episode they're doing something serious, the next, they're going to Hawaii. At episode one, they throw out all these questions at you. Answer some of it, and forgot the other ones. We see characters like the Third Student President show up at the first episode, then as if they forgot all about her, decide to put her in the last two episodes. One episode, they show Tomoharu meeting Yoh for the first time, next episode, Tomoharu knows all about Yoh and who they're talking about. Then we see Yoh injuring Shuri severely, then we see them in a good character relationship. The story is poorly thought out, and it seems the creators are just throwing everything out randomly, like demons, mechas, ghosts and a Seto Gozubarou type father.

Enjoyment Factor: The only enjoyment I ever liked was the fact that I get to see retards running around in the anime and doing stupid stuff over and over again. It was, overall, a poorly thought out story.