Jul 19, 2015
SilverSoul720 (All reviews)
If you are looking for a manga in which the main character is sent into another world you might enjoy this one.

The main character while not unique, is different from your average easy going main characters. He is very smart; anti social and arrogant, he doesn't want to help others if he doesn't gets compensation for it. However he always finds some sort of benefit for ending up saving the ones really in need.
This manga seems to have many nicely implemented manga references such as Log Horizon (when the MC face is all dark but you can clearly see his glasses), Shokugeki no Souma (foodgasms) and probably more in the following chapters.

As of now there are only 8 translated chapters and thus it is way to soon to even start judging the story. The MC ventures alone in a RPG like fantasy world and while he only wants to be alone he soon finds himself surrounded by people that took a liking to him.

Very good quality and enjoyable to the eye. It's not original but that's not always a bad thing.

So far none of the introduced characters is unique, if you had read many mangas you will relate all of them to other manga characters. However their development is existent and at a fine pace.
As I said above there are only 8 translated chapters yet so don't take this number seriously.

I've been enjoying this manga probably way more than I should because it fits what I was looking for. The not usual main character personality gives this otherwise a boring manga a nice twist.

Again it's too soon to evaluate this manga properly. While so far it's far from being a masterpiece, it's also far from being a bad manga. If you read this review then you probably should give this manga a try.

PS: This is my first review so apologies for any mistakes and for my bad english. I just felt the urge to review it because the only other review (made by Ugoki) shouldn't be considered a review in the first place. I honestly doubt he read more than the first 2 chapters (probably just the first one) because everything he said is complete BS. I will update this review as more translated chapters are released.