Jul 18, 2015
LuffyVsNaruto (All reviews)
Some spoilers As a child I watched sailor moon on toonami with my other string of shows and it was a childhood favorite so I was really looking forward to this remake but Man this anime was a bumpy ride. I watched the original Sailor Moon series over as I was watching the 1st half of crystal and was comparing them. I had to step back and think of them as 2 separate works so I didn't let my nostalgia ruin what could possibly be a good series.

After I stopped comparing them and just look at this as a stand alone I still had one conclusion that didn't change. Outside of Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask and Chibi-Usa the remaining characters were extremely bland, and the "friendships" weren't well developed at all. You tell me all this sacrificing for one another and that random bs pairing between the 4 original bad guys and the sailor senshi ever make sense? Outside of their introduction episodes what other moments did you see these relationships growing. Last I checked for people to become great friends it has to grow and I'm sorry random fights here and there over a course of a few weeks and some memories of your past self isn't a good way to explain the development.

Now on to Usagi and Mamo. Had its moments when it felt a little rushed but in the amount of time they had to work with I felt it was the highlight of the show. Love at 1st sight is a real thing many people just don't want to see it that way. The progression of how their feelings grew more and more and the interactions after each battle made the connection clear and smooth. Sailor Moon has always been some what of an annoying character with how useless she can be when it comes to mamoru but that's a realistic love struck teen. (Speaking from my own experience) Young love makes you kind of stupid any adult understands that.

Finally Chibi, she's a bratty little girl who feels like no one understands her and meets her parents in their childhood days. She went through a traumatic experience and is very closed off to people but you see how she opens up to Usagai and Mamoru. Her opening up to mamo quickly makes sense just from the daddy daughter perspective. I personally didn't like the chibi and Usagi relationship developed just cause it didn't seem smooth more random and abrupt.

Now the art I'll say this much hated watching the transformation scenes and besides the last episode the art overall wasn't impressive it was average and that might be generous.

The actual story itself was good the sub plots they kept throwing in kinda messed it up though. Like I said in the stuff about the characters the lack of deveoplemnet and growth killed the possibility of having good sub plots in this remake.

All in all I enjoyed it just cause it's sailor moon and I can't help but be caught up in my feelings from the past. Hoping if the continue this they invest more time into the other sailor senshi too but for this 6/10