Jul 18, 2015
_Megami (All reviews)
Naivety...children are overflown with it. However, naivety is a word with its meaning brought forth from grownups. What if naivety holds a nobility grownups can no longer understand, what if what you sometime used to know was all you actually had to...yes, E-gumi not fully experiencing the harshness of life could be called naive, them naive or those who called them naive, incapable.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is not anime which aims to cultivate one's inner world or lay forth philosophical notions for one to ponder over, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is a fun, comical and extremely enjoyable anime with that bright side of naivety being the only worthy moral to reap from it.

I got surprised by how unique and at the same time trite the story was, only to realize afterwards that originality in the story, characters or plot is not where the anime wants to focus, but the manner it will
present them...
We have our usual Japanese high school, and a class of misfits handled by an unusual teacher. Much like
Great Teacher Onizuka, or at least sharing the same core. Koro sensei...he is yellow, of unidentified species and flawless from more or less every aspect, but most of all, he is E-class' assassination target.
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu doesn't have a strong story, and even though the adventure part is serious, the anime as a whole has more of a comical appeal. It won't be long before the word assassination loses the awe it initially provoked, and at the very least by episode five you will realize that the only thing you won't fully know or expect from the anime-as it doesn't have much unexpected or hidden things-is the reason why Koro sensei involved himself with E-gumi. So, basically, you will have lots of fun as the class trains and at the same time attempts to assassinate its resourceful teacher, bonding stronger in every attempt. And fun is all you will get, in case you want complexity, originality-even though Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is like no other anime I've watched-suspense, hardcore adventure and seriousness, Ansatsu will fail you.
Although, it has its incredibly vivid art to make up for it,its cheerful and rhythmic openings, the amazing ending most people who like Japanese music will end up downloading, and lastly, a limited few of notable
and distinguishable characters. In fact, the range of characters is not exactly wide, and aside the two main and a few supporting, it is highly unlikely that you will remember the names of the rest.
The anime progresses smoothly and pleasantly, only getting dark and heavy at a part or two with minor duration. All in all, it is rare for an anime with assassination as its theme to not be influencing negatively, but lifting your mood instead. Ansatsu will not leave a vivid impact on you, however the memory of watching it will be a happy one as it is from the anime that make you smile while watching.

My personal opinion, is that Ansatsu does not have much room for development, all the more, it should be short and worthwhile. The second season though, will be a thing to look forward to as the one thing it has to reveal has not been revealed yet.