Jul 15, 2015
haruhappiness (All reviews)
I had never read a manhwa until I came across PELLUA IYAGI. I was not really looking forward to reading it, but I gave it a try anyways and I'm honestly glad I did.

The plot is not really original. As you can see in the synopsis, this manga tells the story of a beautiful girl who is forced to marry a guy she doesn't know. Refusing the marriage is not an option, so she goes along with the arrangement.

What makes this manhwa different is the way the characters deal with the situation. I really love how the female lead faces the marriage with a lot of dignity and courage. She won't beg for her husband to love her, nor will she push him away.

Concerning the art, it is very different from what I'm used to but not necessary bad. I would even say that it is the art what makes this manhwa very unique. Somehow, the author manages to capture the feelings of despair and sorrow that result from a loveless marriage through the art.

Finally, I have to say that for me this manhwa is as beautiful as a poem.

PD: Sorry for the wording, but English is not my first language.