Jul 14, 2015
FarrelSal (All reviews)
*This review may contain spoilers*

Yup, another review of this famous anime. Some people hate this show to death while some people love it and now im going to give you my own perspective of Sword art online.
(This is my actual first time reviewing an anime so im sorry if i miss out some important point of the show.)

Story / Plot (3/10) :
So in the future Virtual reality is a thing. Now we have our main character who use this VR called "Nerve Gear" to play a MMORPG game called Sword art online. Little did everyone know they are trapped inside the game and if you die in the game, you die in real life and you must clear the game to go back to the real world.

People are saying that the first 14 episode are "good" compared to the rest of it. But i find SAO is a bullshit to begin with.

Ok first lets talk about how kirito leveling up.
In the first episode he is level 1, in episode 3 he is level 40, in episode 4 he is level 78 and in episode 10 after the 2 year time skip he is only level 98. My point here is how someone levels up or what they do to level up is NEVER explained. Same goes to when kirito saved sachi guild is never explained. And then some fanboy of sao told me that Sachi's death is suppose to be sad, but what I didn't know is that Sachi gets less than one episode of development. So how can the death of a character with less than one episode of development be sad ?

This just hurts my enjoyment of the show. Theres way too much plotholes. The plot progression is ridiculous aswell. The only episode that progress the plot is Episode 1, 2, 10, 13 and 14 (we are talking about the aincrad arc). The rest of the aincrad arc episode are fillers. So i find Sword art online is not an anime about a videogame, its a romance that just happens to take place in a videogame. Because its mainly focused on the romance aspect of the anime not the game aspect.

Characters (2/10) :
Now lets move on to the characters. The most bullshit aspect about SAO is the characters.

Kirito :
We have our main character here who has no personality whatsoever. He is good at everything he tries for no reason. Not even a single Character development were given to him. And the lack of characterazation. Now lets talk about kirito being a "Solo player". Being a solo player on an MMORPG death game is a complete bullshit.

Kirito says that he's a solo player at the end of episode 2, and at the beginning of episode 3 he's in a fucking guild, in episode 4 he team up with silica, in episode 5 & 6 he team up with asuna, in episode 7 he team up with Lizabeth and ONLY at the beginning of episode 8 AFTER the two-year timeskip do we see him alone and at the same episode not only he team up with asuna again but by episode 11 they are fucking married.

So explain to me why is this stupid little shit keeps saying he's a solo player? Alright because its EDGY. He's edgy because he's alone. What a cool guy.

Asuna :
Asuna is there only for the love interest of kirito. She's never shown at anytime dedicating time to fighting. And yet she "supposely" popular. For being what? Asuna cant even do shit without kirito, why is she so popular? What did she do? That is never explained in the anime.

Her main role is providing fanservice and a tacked-on incest subplot. It's simply another element thrown into the plot for cheap shock value, if anyone is still shocked by incest in anime nowadays.

Kayaba Akihiko :
The dumbest antagonist of all time. Kayaba simply forget his motives for doing all what he did in SAO. Never in any other show that i have read or seen has a villiant simply forgotten why they're doing what they're doing.

Lisbeth is there only for the jealousy purposes. And waifu bait.

The rest of Kirito harems / side characters are useless and pointless to describe. Each one of them only got 1 episode of characterazation. And its not worth mentioning. The plot can progress without them.

Art (7/10) :
The art is decently good, heck its an original standard of A-1 Pictures.

Soundtrack (8/10) :
Well i must say the soundtrack is above average. Its suit the show really well. Its the only redeeming quality in sword art online.

Overall (4/10):
Sword art online is a wasted potential. It can be a decent anime but its poorly written. The pacing is absurd. And the bland characters hurts my enjoyment. Its not that suprising if theres a lot people who enjoy this anime. Especially those who are new to anime.