Jul 13, 2015
pygmalion (All reviews)
If you ever need a story that can be easily followed, this one might be a good choice for you.

Based on "Slice of Life" genre, this series brought up a story that both have meanings for life, as well as easy to follow. Even though it's bit long: 2 season, few OVAs and movies, it's not boring at all to follow the stories thoroughly.

The music and songs used in the series also helps building up the mood, enhancing what are the pictures trying to tell you, thus creating a pleasant but awesome atmosphere to watch the anime. Don't be surprised if you found yourself suddenly bursting into tears after watching some scene, especially if you try to put yourself in the character's foot.

In short, this series is really easy to follow, yet relaxing. After a busy day, watching this kind of stuffs will replenish your spirit to continue make something in the rest of day, as well as keeping a good mood for the next day.

Try watch them, you won't be disappointed.