Jul 12, 2015
Ochiibi (All reviews)
Warning: This is not tennis.

If you've watched the original Prince of Tennis, you'll definitely see how crappy the New PoT is.

Prince of Tennis is one of the best franchise in Japan. The reason why this series got a lot of adoptions is because of how high their sells are. Even I cannot believe how many the tenipuri fans are. As long as the anime sells, they'll make a new adoption. Not concerned if it 's good or not. And in our case, it is not.

In this series, tennis isn't even tennis anymore. They introduced a lot of violent techniques. A glowing shot that damages the court and can tear a water tank down. There was even a fight where you can see a pirate like wtf isn't this supposed to be tennis? Most of the matches aren't even thrilling. I hate how the producers skipped and altered a lot of scenes/chapters from the manga. The supposed to be fun part aren't in the anime. What the hell are the producers thinking?!

And the most disappointing part is that how come the Pinnacle of Perfection is being achieved by many. Isn't Teni Muhō supposed to be the top of the top? In the ORIGINAL PoT, Ryoma did achieve the Teni Muhō and his skills were unbelievable. The ball cannot be seen and the opponent can't even score a single point. But in the New Prince of Tennis, this is not the case. Teni Muhō is now just an achievement you'll attain when you enjoy tennis. I'll give them the credit if they made the matches more interesting but no. The matches is the New PoT are boring. It doesn't matter if you enter Teni Muhō or not. What matter in this series is how you'll survive in the match. What an unbelievable tennis.

Since this is an OVA, and judging how disappointing its prequel is, I did not expect anything from it. But let me just say that this series... is definitely better than its prequel. However, the story is very misleading. There are many scenes in the manga that the anime didn't adopt. Which lead to bad pacing, ridiculous opinions, and bad character development. Tenipuri has a lot of characters and 10 episodes can't possibly give significance to even at least ten characters.

The art is expected. Production I.G did a good job. They raised a lot of beautiful bishounens (especially Fuji damn he looked so hot). I thank you for that. I love the sound as well. The opening was okay but I find the ending song cute and adorable. I even pre ordered the "Party Time" album cause the characters are so cute!

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed watching this anime. I'm a solid PoT fan, you see. And I love watching them go cray with their matching oozing sex appeals. Fan service isn't bad once in a while, he. Tenipuri fans will definitely enjoy this OVA but as for the others... I don't know. It will depend on your taste if you'll give it a try or not. In the end, I still enjoyed watching how the characters fight for their death. This anime still has a lot of interesting stuff and I love the manga. I just hope the sequel will be more interesting than the first season.