Jul 11, 2015
ShenanigansCubed (All reviews)
This is my first review and what would be more perfect than reviewing the continuation of one of my favourite sports anime of all time? There won't be any major spoilers in this review.
Comparing to the bare bones storyline of New Prince of Tennis, this story is slightly better but still quite boring. They're still in the training camp doing training camp things but they have a shuffle match against the first strings (basically all of them are overpowered as hell) who have just returned and that's it. Literally it. Still lacking but good enough i guess. 5/10
Looks good. People move ok enough although I still think that sometimes the overhead shots of rallies lack power and simply look like weak. That's an issue i've had with the animation of this series for quite a while, the balls lack what looks like momentum, they lack punch. It's been a minor annoyance with me since the beginning of the series but hey, it's pretty good nonetheless. 7/10
Well it's pretty good. Though literally everything was taken from the previous series. The sound effects sound great and somewhat makeup for the lack of power mentioned previously. Overall pretty nice, it works, doesn't particularly excel at anything but still doesn't lack anything. 7/10
Now here's an issue that plagues the series in general. The issue with the series is that it tends to focus on too many characters so many characters lack development severely well in this case that's addressed quite well. Many characters both lack development and screentime but the ones that get screen time tend to have subtle changes done to them. But in the end character interactions are still pretty entertaining. 7/10
It was fun to watch. It was just like the other series in the way it was just fun to watch, there's no real way to explain it but it was just a good solid fun watch from beginning to end and sets up a real nice dynamic by the end of the series that will be expanded on (hopefully) when there is enough chapters to make a new OVA series on. 8/10
It was pretty nice. Yeah it wasn't the greatest thing i've seen, and it was pretty insane at some points i mean come on, ripping a hole in space by swinging is pretty stupid. But that's what this series as whole really is, it's stupid fun. You know it's exaggerated and almost impossible to do 90% of the moves done in the series but it's still a fun watch so I recommend any fans of the series in general to watch this, and any one who somehow stumbled onto this without prior knowledge to watch the original series or read the original manga then watch the National Tournament OVAs, The New Prince of Tennis then this. 7/10