Jul 3, 2015
FunkyNano (All reviews)
---The review contains spoilers---

Story: 4/10
So uh....basically there's this school right? and in that school there are witches...7 of them
and uh..they have powers...and they use those powers by kissing people..UH and there's this dude and he copies the powers of witches if he kisses them...but he doesn't know. BUT THEN he trips on the stairs...and accidentally falls on a girl and kisses her... AND THEN SHE IS A WITCH and her power is to swap bodies, so they swap bodies and he has a vajajay and she has a weenis, and then they switch back but start kissing lots to swap bodies and pretend to be eachother BUT THEN SOMEONE FINDS OUT and he says he will tell everyone unless they join the SUPERNATURAL STUDIES CLUB so they do. and then they go around kissing people to see if they are witches and find out what their powers are... all the while they slowly fall in love

10/10 would kiss again
I couldn't make this up

Art 6/10
Animation is decent, character designs are pretty good
There is fan service at times (if the synopsis didn't make it obvious enough) but it wasn't annoying. Fan service is only frustrating if it interferes with a narrative, and considering this anime's narrative is pretty much as absurd as it gets, it's not an issue.

Sound: 6/10
OP is super catchy, ED is decent, OST leaves something to be desired

Characters: 8/10
The club members are all really great, the romantic development between the protagonist and the main female witch (Shiraishi) somehow manages to work and I ended up really wanting them to be together.
Shiraishi is like the personification of my dreams
Miyamura is hilarious
Miyabi is great
Greenhairedguyican'trememberthenameof is maybeokay
Yamada (protagonist) is a loveable meanie
The 6 other witches are pretty cliché and they range from "eeeeehh" to "uuurrggghhh"

Voice acting: 10/10
This needs a special mention. The main characters are constantly swapping bodies in their antics which is the main source of the comedy. The voice actors did such a great job changing their voices when a different character is in their character's body.

Enjoyment: 8/10
I don't know why this anime even works. The plot is like the wet dream of any teenager but it somehow managed to be genuinely enjoyable with a decent plot, hilarious, likeable characters, good comedy and hilarious voice acting.

+Great comedy
+All of the club members
+Hilarious voice acting

+Inevitable lust for Shiraishi
+The other witches are kinda boring
+Tone sometimes becomes too serious for its own good (In the latter half where the story gets more "focus")

Overall: 6/10
Obviously it's not a groundbreaking story, but for what it's worth, it was entertaining.