Jul 1, 2015
interception (All reviews)
In terms of an Honest review , This anime is pretty good , at first i thought it would be Alot of " Ecchi/Harem"Type of aspect in this anime Judging it based on the english translation which is Yamada-kun and the seven witches . However, that is not the case as this anime has real potential on how the characters are developing and how the story is progressing as the series goes by.

The negative thing about the anime is Body-swapping , Body-swapping in anime usually means one thing, and that’s fanservice. I’m not the world’s biggest fanservice devotee. Fanservice can devour an anime’s plot and turn a show gross and mean in a heartbeat. In the worst cases, fanservice turns otherwise interesting characters into inauthentic caricatures of themselves, all in pursuit of the almighty panty shot.

But, I am happy to say that the first two volumes of Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, at least so far, is just as good as people make it out to be; that’s a really big surprise, considering how a title like this could easily go wrong and end up a shallow fanservice style story. Yamada-kun is a very funny manga with a lot of heart and character that really all comes together in just the right way. There are flaws certainly, but the positives more than adequately outweigh the negatives.

I have also watched the Last episode when it came out and i must say it ended pretty damn good for the first season which i will not spoil. Will see how the story progresses from there and will do another review on the next season?:P

Positive thing which is really good about the anime is the :
Art & Character

Story sometimes can get off plot if you watch the anime you will know what i mean by this.

P.S Please actually read the review throughly before "Pressing the unhelpful" button lol