Jun 28, 2015
Somebody101 (All reviews)
Yamada, at first glance a thug and rude guy who's personality puts him apart from the rest of the school body, but as the anime progresses, starts to gain friends from all around.

Story: 8
Yamada goes to a school in which secretly has 7 "witches" who have various powers that are passed down from student to student. The story progresses as Yamada ends up searching for the witchs due to set circumstances influenced by the student council.

Art: 8
The art is some of the most vibrant art that I seen this season. Just by looking at the profile picture, you can tell right away that the characters are depicted in a colorful way all throughout the anime, and the background art is also similar.

Sound: 7
The sounds are, for me, the lower score section for this anime, as there aren't any memorable music or sounds besides the intro, which had a decent soundtrack to it. However, not even the intro is so good that I would repeatedly watch it over and over again.

Character: 8
There are a variety of characters that we get to know throughout the anime, however I'll give brief descriptions of the 2 most important ones.
Yamada- blue hair, thug-like boy who has incredible strength and a personality that gets him into trouble a lot of the time.
Shiraishi- blonde hair quiet straight As girl who is also one of the witchs who has the power to switch bodies with a kiss. Go figure.

Enjoyment: 9
Besides the yaoi scenes (ugh) , I really enjoyed watching this anime when it aired. With the comedy/lighthearted attitude with a taint of seriousness in various parts, it was an enjoyable anime that I came to like watching while it was airing.

Overall: 8