Jun 24, 2015
Somebody101 (All reviews)
This anime, surprisingly, looked boring when I first read its description on the anime site that I frequent, but I decided to give it a chance. I'm glad that I did, cause this anime was...well, a funny anime that is guarenteed to make you smile.
Story: 7
The story is probably one of the lower part the anime, as the story itself isn't really anything new. The protaganist goes to a school where people have superpowers, you seen at least a few of these kind of animes already. What makes it stand out though is the comedy behind the story, which stems from our heroine herself.

Art: 7
The art is basic, to put it bluntly. The creators didn't waste any effort in drawing what they were supposed to, but they cut corners where the could, like the background characters, whom they only drew in white. Budget saving at its finest.

Sound: 8
The sound was average, like the art, however there were nice opening and closing songs, also as well as a few different ending animations, that had different songs, so at least the budget cuts were used for something else.

Character: 9
The characters were one of the better parts of the anime, and I say that fully knowing the fact that there are a few cliches in there, however, there a majority of other characters who were fun to watch, like the protaganist, the art club, and the quiet maid who would always rekt the protaganist. The protaganist herself, is a yuri pervy girl, which leads to awkward, yet funny situations that will have you laughing.

Enjoyment: 10
I personally enjoyed this anime a whole lot, due to the comedy it brings along with it to lighten the mood, not that it gets to dark anyway. While the cliche plot is tiring, the energetic vibe that the protaganist brings along with it is uplifting.