Jun 24, 2015
La_Matona301 (All reviews)
My High School DxD BorN review.


Ok, so the 3rd sequel has just ended , frankly it's unfortunate that studio Genco and FUNimation didn't thought about making this sequel a 2nd season. tbh the 2nd sequel is bonkers, but I gotta say they did add some development with the 3rd sequel. However despite the developments I'm not gonna give the story category a high score, since it still rely on the MAc's sexual innuendo, also, the action plot may have become intense it still rely a lot from the MC getting his ass whooped when saving his harem.

So my verdict: a fair 6.


Like the previous sequel, the anime still rely on the fanservice to sell and there is no explanation need , since sex sells in this anime and manga.

Therefore, my verdict: a Mediocre 5.


When it come to both the op and ed, I don't have much like for it, but I still like the VA's who did the character's voices like Rias, and Asia. Oh and I'm still not gonna give this category a high score.

So, my verdict: a Mediocre 5.


Ok, so what we have here are a bunch of character's whose portrayals were a complete dichotomy i.e.

Issei Hyoudou, ok as usual, he is still pervert who wants to have a harem, but the dichotomy about him was that he's in love with Rias and yet he want's to be the Harem King, which basically conflicts his character as whole where he never makes any attempts to do his harem that this fool already has, which was quite annoying that form someone who wants to be the harem king despite of having a lot of girls sleeping naked besides him would still be a virgin.

Ria Gremory, I always wonder if she is still in her teens or is she a hundred year old hag in the body of a teenage babe, let's not forget that in some of those flashbacks we see her meeting some of her servant whom are still very young while we see her the way she is. The dichotomy about her was that she loves Issei and yet she makes no attempts to keep some of the girls away from his man, the only attempt we saw her duking out for Issei's affection was with Akeno, but it never progress beyond it.

Akeno Himejima, if there is any real competition for Issei's affection, it would be her, but the way she competes was nothing short of just a petty quarrel with her master Rias, then again just like Rias, she too never makes any attempts to take Issei away from Rias.

As for the rest of the girls, they too never make any attempts as well to competed for Issei's affection as well, but Asia is a waste, thought she is wife material for Issei she basically placed as mistress thingy, also there is Yuuto who wasn't even given a piece of the harem pie.

Another, just like the 2nd sequel , two new harem members get's added into the mix notably Rosswiess and Irian who is now a full time member of the Issei's harem, which, aside from the dichotomy of the main characters, to sum it up, this anime category should have a low score but not that low.

So my verdict: a poor 3.


So far just like with the previous sequels, the only thing I enjoy about this anime was the fanservice, and need I say more....maybe not, cu'z that's just the way I see it, so I hope you guys understand.

My verdict: a Good 7.


I'm not gonna give this anime a high score, sure if you sum it up it should be a 7 or a 6, but that's not how I do it, not because I like something about the anime doesn't mean that I appreciate the anime as whole, the score I give to each category only applies to that category but the overall is the top factor, so since this anime still relies a lot on the fanservice and with all that fancy cliche and dichotomy, my verdict for this anime as a whole would be.........

My overall verdict : a pathetic 1.