Jun 23, 2015
Tetrizzle (All reviews)
Ye. Busou Shinki. These are my thoughts on the story, as well as a little background information for better understanding.

Busou Shiki is about a world in which there are 15 cm. girls that are mass produced. Said girls have a conscience and feelings. They live to please their masters.
If this is sounding to weird, let me put it in layman terms. Imagine if your Gundam models became girls, got a brain, and lived to serve you. It could also be described as bite sized Infinite Stratos. That's pretty much it.

So, the actual story is just kinda eh. It has no real direction and is just really slice of life. It's fine, but there isn't some over arching goal. All you get are the antics of four Shinkis (those girl/Gundam things I mentioned) and some conflicts that happen. Some episodes take a different turn from others, but really, it's just kinda flat.
There is also a little bit of fan service in this show, so yea.

With that said though, this wasn't bad. Actually I thought it was good.
While the actual show may not have been A+ material, it was an interesting concept, and I enjoyed it.

In conclusion, if you want to marathon this show in a day or two, go ahead. It's not a must watch, but if you want a little something different, it's a good choice.