Jun 14, 2015
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Ledo-kun (All reviews)
After watching this series, I asked myself "What happened?" followed by "Why did I watch this?"
Well folks, let's start with the reason why I watched this series.

This is probably the only reason why you would watch this eye-candy of an anime. It's so superb. The animation is so smooth. The fight scenes are awesome (although few). The art is so detailed. The colors are vibrant (but sometimes annoyingly too much). Character Designs are good. They fit each character's personalities. It really is a feast for the eyes.

Soundtrack was pretty good. OP & ED are thumbs up. Voice acting was well done. There's nothing much to complain about.

Having so many characters to feature, most of them are left untouched, which is bad. There will be a sequel, which might improve this, but in this season, there's little to no character development at all.

When you speak about the concept, it's got huge potential. The problem with it is that the execution was badly done. The series will leave you with a big "HUH?" as it is so confusing.

I'm a sucker for animes with great art so even though the story's not that good, I fairly enjoyed it just because of the art and the soundtrack.

I suggest that people who are finding an anime excelling in art and soundtrack to watch this as it is a huge treat but I also suggest that you have little to no expectations at all regarding the story as you will be heavily disappointed by it.