Sep 22, 2009
nicepants (All reviews)
I know we have all had this conversation with ourselves: "Self, do I really want to watch Legend of Galactic Heroes? It is 110 episodes of admittedly slow, dialogue-heavy old anime. Is this something I really want to get into?"

This is the answer MCitSoS was made to answer. This is the pilot for LoGH, the first meeting of Yang Wenli and Reinhard von Musel. One hour of a lot of what is great about LoGH. Smart dialogue, engaging fleet battles, and Yang and Reinhard being two ballsy dudes.

This isn't just for those who want to get into LoGH, though. For those of us who have already watched the 110 episode epic, we get to look back and remember some characters we haven't seen in a while, and say "Oh yeah, he was a cool dude."

Is it worth it to watch? Absolutely, yes. Very high quality all around, and thoroughly entertaining. Highly recommended.