Jun 13, 2015
Weeaboi420 (All reviews)
This is a simply wonderful anime. This is a must watch. Its also an underrated instant classic. If you wanna know why I love it keep reading!! No llittering is by far the best anime ever made.

Story 10/10
This is such a bebeautifully made story about a couple and littering. The story also deals with the emotional pain of death. As well does this story teach you the importance of not littering because of what could happen i won't say anymore about the story

Art 10/10
The art is what yout would fine unique but nice. Plus the animation was wonderful better than fate/zero or ghost in the shell:SAC. The art and animation are both wonderfully made i simply cant put it in to words

The sounds in this short masterpiece had some of the best voice acting EVER. Better than any japanese dub or English dub. Plus the sound track is so emotional and when their is jumpscares the songs can scare you

Character 10/10
Probably my favorite part the relationship with the guy and the girl are such a wonderful relationship its like no other plus its the BEST relationship in any anime ever. Plus the killer was genuinely scary.

Enjoyment 10/10
Watch it! Watch it! WATCH IT!!! If you haven watched it your missing out on the best anime ever made! You should go now and watch it. Its on Youtube for free so go watch this 1 minute masterpiece. I enjoyed this anime so much. So should you :)