Jun 9, 2015
Roy_Focker (All reviews)
Sousuke is a geek who loves to take candid photos of pretty girls, especially when it comes to his school idols Arisa and Mika Nanase. His chances of ever speaking to, let only getting with either of them are near nonexistent, but it seems fate has finally smiled upon him. His father and their mother have suddenly decided to get married. The Nanase sisters are moving into his house! Now Sousuke’s wildest dreams are suddenly coming true.


In this hentai we have our typical high-school male lead that’s somehow is able to have sex with beautiful, decidedly out of his league girls, Gakuen Shimai is playing on those fantasies we all have. As soon as Mika, the overly bitchy and domineering Nanase sister, catches Sousuke masturbating to her sister’s photos, she decides this is a perfect situation for a little blackmail as she turns him into her personal, half-willing sex toy. There’s little doubt she would be a sex loving fiend with masochistic tendencies, but even her shy sister Arisa seems to be instantly enthralled with having Sousuke take her first kiss and, after a few seconds, her virginity. That’s just how things go in Gakuen Shimai, where everything just circles around convenient excuses for more sex mischief.

Of course this is nothing new for a hentai title, but for some reason is seems more obvious and almost annoying this time around. They may have simply made Sousuke out to be too much of a nerd, as he gets mostly dominated by Mika and his voice just hollows out your ears with its high pitched whine. Or it could have been the not overly outstanding sex scenes that don’t do near enough to divert your attention away from the ineptitude of the rest of it. Whatever the case may be, the content of Gakuen Shimai certainly isn’t going to pull you in, even with a side story about three thugs going around raping teachers and students alike, who eventually have their eye on Mika. In fairness MC-kun didn’t prevent the rape but he took a picture (evidence of the act perpetrated by the three of them) and said that he will take his camera with the evidence to the police saving the girl in the process and preventing future victims....

But even with that turn in event in the story the sex scenes are our sole source of enjoyment, and while much of the time is indeed focused on our trio having carnal relations in some form or fashion, there’s a certain lack of excitement from these scenes. Let me explain myself aside from the 3 ruffians who like to rape girls, all the consensual scenes just lack a certain amount of spice. Even with Mika exercising a little domination, they really just go through all the normal motions one would expect.

The end finally gives us a little something to sink our teeth into, as a consensual threesome finally takes root but it’s largely too late to save Gakuen Shimai from sexual mediocrity. The animation isn’t helping anything, but it’s the often misshapen character designs that are doing more harm than good. When Mika looks like her neck has disappeared and her shoulders have doubled in width it’s not a good look to say the least. This is also one of those few Japanese language track moments where the voices for a few characters, not just Sousuke, are more annoying than not.

In conclusion with a number of decent sex scenes and a couple of cute character designs, namely the Nanase sisters, it brings just enough to the table to make it worth a watch but nothing more than that.