Jun 9, 2015
Serpentes (All reviews)
*Warning - this review contains some mild spoilers*

I must admit I came across Dog Days while preparing for my "Anime of 2015" presentation scheduled for next local convention.

In order to do each show justice I try to watch it's earlier seasons - that is if it had any.

That way I ended up marathoning first two seasons on two weekends before even starting with Double Dash.

While I have some issues with the show as a whole and my first impression was somewhat bad the first two seasons managed to get me hooked up.

The world is very, very beautiful and inhabited by lots and lots of characters - each one of them likeable and cute to some degree (yes - even the character voiced by Emperor Wakamoto fits in just fine in there).

Thus - after finally being done with Dash I was eager to watch Double Dash as well.

I was excited mostly to see the characters I came to like develop further - something that began in Dash and was done beautifully.
Those expectations were further supported by anime itself - with the promise the Heroes will be summoned during peaceful time so they can spend more time with their friends.

I was disappointed.

With loads and loads of characters I've mentioned above there's more than enough material to work with in Dog Days already.

I just can't imagine what the creators were thinking while writing the script for 3rd season.

Instead of character development I've anticipated they gave me even more characters - all of them living too freaking far away to make it to regular cast.

I understand the idea was to show us that the world of fluffy people is much larger and beautiful but still - some parts were rather unnecessary and led to nothing.

All the development our regular cast received during season 2 was ignored painfully leaving my hunger not satisfied.

And while I could somehow bear with new characters as they are - the fact they took valuable screen time away from the main cast is painfully felt in this season.

Finally we were introduced to cliché "misunderstood" antagonist. Who wasn't even misunderstood in the first place - in fact: despite having good intentions he resorted to evilest possible means of achieving them at first opportunity.
I cannot quite appreciate the creators' use of existing tools if they cannot use them properly...

The good part of this season were the 3... 2,5 episodes actually focusing on the thing which was promised to us:
Existing characters.

Special note goes to one episode where certain characters reveal their past - which was by far the best one of the season and the only one which made me feel any compassion.

I've complained a lot with this review so I'll end it on a more positive note.

The visuals and music were just as good (if not better) than those of the first two seasons - with the opening IMO much better than the one we had in Dash.
The new locations (which I take were the focus of this season after all) look gorgeously and make you want to be there with the cast.
We also (finally) get to see Nanami's 'Hero Mode' - which turns her into a beautiful young lady. Pity we don't get to see much of it.
The fan service while increased in amount (seems to be a trend with each following season) is still performed in a pleasant, non vulgar way - this deserves a praise seeing the competition in this area.

Still - I have high hopes. If this letdown doesn't kill the franchise the hypothetical Season 4 (Triple Dash?) might deliver what 3rd did not.
Perhaps the writers decided to develop the world in order to come back with something grander yet?