Jun 8, 2015
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Be aware that is an H-Anime review, and so it will judged accordingly.

STORY: 7/10
Here we embark on an action-packed journey into the world of Blood Shadow/Guren.

We follow an elite fighting group of specially trained warriors called the Crimson Lotus (CL), as they seek out to eliminate all of the sadistic demons plaguing the land. The leader of an otherwise all female unit is Rekka, a young man that has been raised since childhood to become a member. Hunting demons isn't always straightforward, as it's demonstrated (within the first few minutes) when Tsukikage, a member of the CL, and Rekka's closest friend, is fatally wounded on one of their expeditions. Driven by revenge, Rekka is accompanied by his fellow warriors as they now aim to stop the Demons at their source.

ART: 7/10
Blood Shadow/Guren is a title created in 2001. And it is indeed ahead of it's time. The art and animation quality far surpass H-Anime a decade after it, and even manages to keep up with some after that.

Shading done right is what I have to say. From the background images, to each character. The sex scenes also feature competent, and consistent art, along with smooth animation. Each frame is well drawn. Scenes that involve intercourse also feel a bit more realistic than other titles, as the semen doesn't go gushing about, and flying everywhere at once during climax. All of the fight scenes are done very nicely as well. Another added bonus is that it's all uncensored.

SOUND: 7/10
Did I mention the great soundtrack yet, because yes, it does have one of those. Ambient themes during important moments, superb voice actors and actresses in both languages fit each characters mood quite well, fitting music for each chaotic situation (and this one has a lot of them), and even the dub isn't half bad. The only con would be the sex scenes in the dub, where the women moaning can get a little high-pitched, and disturbing during the brutal rape scenes.


Filled with sorrow and seeking revenge, Rekka's look, sounds, and actions are all believeable. But that doesn't necessarily mean that at times he can't also be light-hearted, and friendly. A great deal of detail seems to have went into the making of each character. All of the girls depicted are slender, with B('ish) cup sized breasts (as female samurai warriors should be), and you can be sure that they mean business, from the brave and fearless dark-haired Tsukikage, to the aloof and panicky personality of Haruka, to the heroic, independant, and daring loner, Kureha. It would be impossible to get them confused with one another, as each of them take on their individual roles perfectly. All of them receive very welcoming sex scenes of various positions, and a few even get a nice lesbian scene.


It is very rare to find a 3 episode OVA put together such as this one. Containing good sex, and action scenes coupled with a great adventure story. Very well executed. This is a nice shift from all of the mindless banging we're use to seeing in most titles. I have to say I really enjoyed this one, and if violence, explicit gore, blood, and brutal rape doesn't faze you, I believe you will as well.

I think I've covered most of this in the art, character, and enjoyment section. Plenty of fappable moments, whether it was consensual sex, or extreme demon rape, this one did not let me down. Definitely had fun with this in all of it's uncensored glory.