Jun 4, 2015
Hipek (All reviews)
I would apologize in advance because I know that I should be objective but I can take it kinda personally.

I liked whole anime. It was great and after watching it I was like "eh what? it's end? just like that?". It was truly bad that anime just ended without anything and we were left with nothing but that uncertain feeling if girls were alright. We all knew how they were struggling and how hard it was for them. Happily enough, that OVA is sequel to main series.
I was truly overjoyed watching it, however it should be divided by two in my opinion. First one would stay OVA and second should be a movie.

First episode threw us into their old home with new character and left us without a word of explanation. How they ended up in their old home? What happened with Yuuta's apartment? They were so many unanswered questions and this part of OVA was mostly ecchi... until very last part - Hina's part where I was truly touched by her actions. Hina ran away from home! It was surprising and I wasn't certain what to think about it, however I loved how it ended. It was nice part of anime and could stay as OVA.

Second episode was special. It's something that should be animated as a Movie instead of OVA. There was a time skip 4 years into future. It was certain that characters developed well however a lot of story was missing and there was huge gap between what we seen and what we should see.
I think that spectator shouldn't lose important events even if he can understand what's going on after overlooking them. I felt uncertain about this time skip and then... a wedding? It was told that they struggled a lot and decided to get married. There was huge gap between what we knew and what OVA was about. It's their life but we were watching over them from the beginning and I would love to watch over them until the very end. A movie would show us how they decided about marriage and what happened that they made their mind. Nice ending to it would be wedding itself.

"It's been four years since that day. [...] I bet they've really changed! [...] This is our only chance, remember? And they only gave us one day to do it". The only chance that girls' parents got to see their children after 4 years of being in heaven.
I was feeling truly overjoyed and sad watching that. I felt like their parents that had to leave them without telling a word and came back to see if they are alright. I wanted to ask them about many thing but I wasn't able to. I wanted to check them and ask if all is fine but I wasn't able to. I was truly overjoyed that they matured a lot and they all became true family.

I think that second episode could have a movie instead of OVA and it would be much better however, I would sincerely recommend this anime (anime + OVAs) to everyone.

In summary:
First episode was mediocre but second was amazing. I would never imagine that I will miss not my own kids and I will be missing them...

Characters 10/10
Characters were clearly outstanding and they developed truly well. They changed a lot from beginning of series and I loved these changes. I was surprised how girls matured, not only girls. Yuuta matured too. Characters were changing all time, it was just like in real life. Little events changed them a bit by bit. They had great times, time that they felt depressed and they were still doing their best and times that they regretted what they did. They were acting just like normal people, not dolls or fictional characters.

Story 9/10
I have loved main story and the stories in OVAs were truly suitable. It was proper sequel but that time skip messed a lot and made huge gap between us and characters. Surprising thing was that this gap was kinda filled up during last episode and I was sincerely moved by what happened. I would give 10/10 if that gap wasn't created and I would be able to watch whole story.

Art 7/10
It was nothing special and I can't say a lot about it.

Overall: 9/10