Jun 3, 2015
AzRAELGoDLIkE (All reviews)
First of all, I'd recommend you to read another review if u want to get an overview about this series.
Since most of this is somewhat my biased opinion about my anger and how the story felt. Its not to see as a recommendation for anyone, more like some ideas to think of. If u are still interested, u can keep on reading.

Before reading this you should be prepared for spoilers and bad mouthing, since thats the only way i can describe a few things.

The series first episodes remind me of cowboy bebops style of showing episodes. It describes a few things beforehand. After a few episodes the anime changes its style, from daily tasks for the police to a longer task. The "main" antagonist is getting to the center of the show, Makishima. Ill describe him a bit later.

The series Main Character (MC) Tsunemori is a girl working for the Police in a time where a so called Computer System called Sibyl is ruling over the people.
Fine, but there is something wrong about Tsunemori. She can unconsciously control her Criminal Coefficient -->

The Criminal Coefficient, A Parameter on whom people get judged by with the Sibyl system. It doesnt matter if u did a crime or think about a crime, it represents your state of mind and your feelings, the Sibyl system measures that and gives out the Criminal Coefficient. UHHH, Minority Report, anyone???
This control of the Criminal coefficient reminds of the main antagonists characteristics, which became more and more clear ongoing in the series.
After all, those people are special.

The main thing that pissed me off about the show was the main characters bahaviour. She keeps following the Sibyl system, that betrayed all of her ideals towards the end, protects it and keeps dreaming of ideals like the System will vanish if something changes humanity.
Awwwwh come on, please, this is bullshit. Following the System, that is meant to judge all humans is build on murderes and criminals with this special power to ignore the criminal coefficient. Tsunemori gets to know this and is "of course shocked on that episode with an extremely shocking reaction"... nothing. she just accepts it towards the end. Yeah why not?
Let the system be built on around 250 mass murderes and criminals minds because they are "Special". Just ignore it tsunemori "GOOD JOB,GOOD GIRL"...
The reason why? Because the system is protecting humanity and delivers them happines.
Yeah my ass. Half of the people are in a cage, a few are living life like rats running away and the last few are people, ignoring everything like a murder in this one episode where the girl gets Hammered in her HEAD. Easyyyy
Also those special people robbed her of her best friend, lets ignore that the Justice System is build on people like that. What ever, want to hear my advice?

Go down there with the EMP Grenade and shut down the cage, melt the brains, free the Human birds since living in that cage will mean hell for most of them without themselves knowing it. Killing all their emotions and living a meaningless life, decided by the System.

The only points the series managed to grab from me came from the Antagonist Makishima. His appearences in the series gave this anime a future. Unluckily , he was robbed of his "Zero Requiem".
What could have been done?
After the failure from the hacker guy, just end the series with a cliffhanger season. Go on with season 2 and build up an insane comeback, what else? Or you could have done it in this season with more episodes, not a weak ending with a pathetic lead to the 2nd season.

My final thoughts:
Of course this series is not bad, its the opposite but it does not deserve his position in the 8.5~ rating. its rather Fine(6) to Good (7) after destroying the deepness in the characters and the epicness in the makishima scenes.
Like wtf? The hacker guy and his 3 other morons could have easily dealt with that idiot and revealed this bullshit... The old lady would have killed the other ones after the vidoe was uploaded but What ever.
I watched it, i liked the first few episoed, i had high hopes and they got crushed by the computability of the story.

On normal terms id go with an 8 since compared to other animes this has just more quality but nah im sticking to my biased selfish opinion and going with 5!