Sep 20, 2009
ethann (All reviews)
Hatsukoi limited follows the lives of a group of teenagers from a few schools that are connected in some way or another. It covers the early part of their love lives and deals solely with the issue of love. So for those who enjoy school romance you will probably enjoy this series.

The story i gave a 10 because it was clique but at the same time original at some points. While it's about a typical school romance it involves many characters that shape the story differently from a usual school romance. We get to see all sorts of love which is why i really enjoyed the series. From unrequitted to mutual to family. All are touched upon. The story can be said to be quite light hearted as it involves a lot of humour, but it is not too slapstick and it does have its serious moments which make the story entetaining. I think what i enjoyed most was the realism in the story in that it's not always a happy ending but it still gives us the feeling that it is in its own way because of the way the characters feel or get out of the experiences. I also found it interesting how the story intertwines the characters such that there is always some relation to another character and we go like "what a development! so complex!".

The art was appropriate for the series. The characters were drawn out vividly and colourful which suits the light heartednes of the story. The humour came out quite nicely as well as it's not like those blank face drawings you get in the more humourous animes and the scenery is done up quite nicely as well so 9 for art.

The sound i gave an 8 because in relation to other animes i have seen it cannot match up to the wide selection that they give. But nonetheless, there were several endings used in different episodes that helped to bring out the mood at the end of the episode. Personally i felt the ending song was a more appropriate for this anime than the starting. So all in all an 8, because i think that it has potential for more.

The characters were fantastic. I would give this anime a high9 which rounds off to 10. Considering the length of the anime, i think that the characters were given decent coverage and there is depth to most of the main characters. the only one who has little depth would be enomoto's sister whose love life was not covered. The story is really character-driven in that we get to see the story from many different angles depending on whose love life it is focussed on in each episode. Of course the main characters is still Ayumi but we get to see different points of view on love based on the different characters. This is what makes the story so colourful. Which is why i have to give both story and characters 10 as they go hand in hand. The characters have very real and different personalities which are explored in this story and help to make it intersting. I'd say that almost all the characters are main characters because they get an equal coverage and hence it adds to the realism as it's not some anime where the main character always wins in the end.

Overall, i think the anime was great in balancing the comedy and romance in the story. It can be said to be somewhat of a romantic comedy though there is no one focus. The episode length was actually quite adequate for this anime because of its ending which i will not spoil. For an anime of 12 episode, i must commend it for being one of the best i have seen in terms of character development and plot development. You will surely enjoy this series unless you are into more psychological or drama genres.