May 28, 2015
Tiguri (All reviews)
This is really one of my favorite romance manga I have ever read!
I have found it hard to find a nice romance manga that would please me in terms of having a good and intresting story with plot twists and a little bit of sexy action. This had them all and didn't go overboard with the sexiness and panty shots ect.
It really pleased me as a femal reader because I don't really care about seeing tits or anything in neither anime nor manga, but I do love to get exited when things get hot between a couple.
This manga had a nice mature perspective about relationships between young people and the characters were very easy to pond with and even though there were a lot of swinging feelings and it might have felt like the characters were repeating themselves, it really pleased me so I had to stay up late because I couldn't stop reading.
I would really recommend this for someone who likes romance but doesn't feel like the popular romance mangas please them enough.