May 28, 2015
NekoNinjaLife (All reviews)

The story has two main characters where sometimes the point of view changes amongst them. The story focuses on their relationship as well as their individual pasts. The chapters flow quite well even with the flash backs to the pasts, but, this makes us as readers understand the characters more and as to why they behave in their present state. Personally, due to the nice flow of chapters and choice of scenes, I think it’s quite well done. The story was somewhat complex due to the drama and the hidden reasons for the cause of the drama, but, it’s not so complex as to confuse us about the story. It’s hard to say whether the story was predictable but I would say that the set-up of the characters and where the plot was leading was quite a good read as it was not boring. The pacing was good, especially with the use of the flash backs so nothing seemed too rushed. I won’t make any spoilers regarding the ending, but I would say that the ending has you thinking deeply, mostly because of the paths that the main characters lead up to. This seemed like a story of an encounter and the result of their paths after meeting. Overall I give it an 8 out of 10.


The art style is simplified and yet also has good structure. I quite like this style. The style seems unique and memorable what with the inking placements and the fine line-work. I believe the mangaka was going for a deep sort of a drama theme/mood and they certainly got the theme going with the way they set up the scenes with the choice of sketches put in. The art style seems to fit well in with the story and does not seem out of place at all. The manga panels were fluid throughout the whole work. I can safely say that the mangaka is a professional when it comes to keeping the art work fluid. The quality of the art was high and consistent throughout the work, not a single panel was done half-heartedly or completed in a less appealing manner. The backgrounds were not too distracting but were sometimes simple which was not a bad thing is as we are more focused on the characters. But, I will say that the background was drawn to match with the characters so nothing seemed too out of place or forced. I found the character designs quite appealing as they matched the personalities given by the mangaka. The characters were all drawn in their unique designs so telling them apart was quite easy. I generally liked the art style used in this manga. Overall I give it an 8 out of 10.


The characters were designed quite well. As a reader you will be able to tell quite quickly, the strengths and weaknesses once a character is introduced. Their personalities are shown quite nicely so we don’t end up wondering what they are like. The reactions the characters have to situations seem realistic and not forced. I quite enjoyed the way some characters interacted/reacted as in was entertaining to watch or rather it was the opposite of boring. I don’t want to spoil anything but I will I say that the main characters somewhat grow ever so slightly or rather at least one does. This manga mainly had two main characters, but the supporting characters were still visible without being forced into the story. I would say that they helped us as the reader to understand the main characters much better. There was no narration in the story; it was mainly the point of view of the main characters. Due to the ending of the story (which is will not spoil), I liked one of the main characters because she grew as an individual and that personally moved me. I think I would remember the main characters of this story, mostly because the story was quite deep with the drama set out and the way the story ended. Overall I give it an 8 out of 10.


I think that others will enjoy reading this manga because sometimes reading a sad or deep or a drama themed story is not always such a bad thing, since we as readers feel empathetic or sympathetic for the characters or the story in general. Non-manga fans would also enjoy reading this because the plot in general is quite moving. I would certainly read this manga all over again because the plot as well as the characters is quite moving. I would definitely want to keep this in my library even if I don’t read it again because the story is quite well done and deserves to be put on a shelf. Due to the drama and the ending of the story, I think it’s quite memorable because of the certain things (which I will not spoil) that occur with the characters. Overall I give it an 8 out of 10.