May 28, 2015
HaXXspetten (All reviews)
Looking to see your favorite Grisaia girls get completely oversexualized in borderline hentai scenarios? Then this is for you.

These specials are basically 3-minute clips portraying all of the main heroines in excessively lewd situations and nothing more. No plot or anything, just pure, naked fanservice through and through. Every episode focuses on a different girl and a different setting, some a lot better than others.

A short summary of what they are all about:

Episode 1: Yumiko in a bunny girl outfit playing around on the bed with a carrot by pretending it's Yuuji's "thing". She also ends all her sentences with "-pyon". It's unbearably awkward to listen to and makes me hold my head in agony.

Episode 2: Michiru floating around in the water and having Yuuji rub sunscreen onto her. And of course you must never forget to apply sunscreen *under* your swimsuit as well when you do that. Queue breast-fondling. For what it's worth though, it was actually pretty hot.

Episode 3: This might as well be classified as hentai in my mind, but anyway here we have Sachi helping Yuuji wash his body in the bathroom. *Obviously* this means she has to use her breasts to rub his back whilst reaching her hands around him to grab some "mysterious erect pole" and stroking it up and down... yeah. Slight plot twist at the end though.

Episode 4: Now we have Makina becoming a first-rate drill instructor and showing off her highly inappropriate speech pattern to lecture a group of recruits. Then she demonstrates how to climb a pole with her body and may or may not end up orgasming on screen by rubbing herself against it.

Episode 5: This time we have Amane dressed up in a yukata going out with Yuuji and somehow someway she ends up getting her tits roughly fondled by him for a couple minutes... yeah that's pretty much it.

Episode 6: Last but not least we have the illustrious Kazuki-sensei dressing up and playing doctor with her little brother by first examining his body, then making him do the same to her with a stethoscope. Things get very intimate and the wincest vibes are at an all-time high, but I don't think anyone particularly minds.