Sep 18, 2009
ioaus09 (All reviews)
Arguably one of the most confusing mangas I have ever read, with so many twists and turns that one might think of this as a rollercoaster. This manga is not recommended for younger readers and those who follow religions as this manga is certainly blasphemy, with the whole notion of Incest, Gay angels, Angel Rape, heaven as a corrupt place and a "God" a maniac bent on the destruction of earth just because "it" wants to. Artwork is ok, but the artist's continually draws the characters too feminine, so much that it gets quite confusing as in who is who. Although, character depth is quite good as the author really gets into the conflict of the main character.

This manga is similar to Neon Genesis (the whole god, Armageddon thing). yet unlike neon genesis, angel sanctuary actually made me quite quezy and not all that enjoyable (not just because of the whole incest thing). If you do read this be warned

* Also don't watch the Anime, it's a complete mess and misses a whole lot of things (it is only 3 episodes)