May 22, 2015
ratchet573 (All reviews)
The Book of Spells is a three episode OVA series taking place either before the television series or in a separate universe (I’m still unclear about this and I’ve found no definitive answer as to the chronology). That means that we’re focusing on Lina and Naga, who pretty much ruined the first movie. I have no understanding why they kept going with Naga and Lina as companions considering how dull and lifeless the series becomes without some of the more developed characters we’ve come to love. Nonetheless, this OVA series has the animation of the first film, which means it looks brilliant, but retains all the things that the film did wrong. I’m going to do this review a little different, looking at the episodes individually, as there is no overarching story, so we can get a better perspective on what is wrong and what is right.

The Scary Chimera Plan
Lina nearly takes a deal with a guy who wants to combine her with dragons and winds up blowing him up and destroying his castle after realizing that plan is really dumb. He returns a month later with clones, but not of Lina, of her companion Naga. The greatest weapon that these clones have: Naga’s annoying-ass laugh. But Naga soon joins forces with her clones to create a choir of awful and basically bring the entire world to its knees.

Terrible episode overall and mostly because the main joke is not only annoying for the people within the show, but the viewer will seriously be leaving with a migraine. Naga’s laugh was annoying enough by itself but add ten tracks of that laugh being played over each other and the joke isn’t funny, nor are my ruptured ear drums.

The plot itself isn’t that great either, nor is there really anything comedic within. It’s an all-around terrible episode that you’d be much happier avoiding.

Jeffrey’s Knighthood
Lina and Naga are hired by an overprotective mother to help a young knight find his way to manhood. They take the pathetic young man on a quest, battling bandits and a black knight, all while the mother attacks anyone who talks bad about him.

This is an overall much more palatable experience than the first OVA, though it’s still not without issues. The humor is much funnier but the plot is still as paper thin as it gets. Naga gets one little piece of development (she’s scared of blood) but is otherwise still boobs. It’s an average episode that isn’t offensive, nor is it worthwhile.

Mirror, Mirror
Naga and Lina are hired to take down a sorcerer with a mirror that can create an opposite version of the person. Of course, this means that the opposites of the ladies are sweet, loveable, nonviolent creatures.

Worse than the last episode but not as bad as the first, this episode doesn’t add much of anything to the series. The cute versions of the two girls are probably the only reason to watch this episode, making me wish we focused on a sweet Naga rather than the annoying, characterless bimbo we’re given.

Three episodes, all pretty weak and pointless makes The Book of Spells a huge mess. Nice animation and some occasionally decent music aside, this OVA series has very little worth caring about and can be happily avoided whether a fan of the series or not.