May 20, 2015
G123u (All reviews)
The art style is arguably the manga's best feature. The anatomy is practically perfect, and the shading/toning is simple but effective. The battle scenes are all very interesting, with plenty of movement. The characters each have distinctive looks and details, and the main protagonist even goes through a few wardrobe (and hairstyle) changes! Despite the Ecchi label, most of the clothes are pretty modest. ...Most.

The storyline starts off great, immediately pulling the reader in with fantastical charms. The characters are introduced one by one, each in a very memorable way. The more important side characters - Erodia especially - play a large role in supporting Angela, the main character, while being able to show off some of their cool sides.

There are some erotic scenes, and quite a few scenes that contain sexual assault (both attempted and carried through). There is also a tentacle scene, please beware. Nudity is... Quite common, especially when it comes to Angela.

My greatest disappointment with this manga is how it just ended. There wasn't even a quick wrap-up, the story just ends after a major cliff hanger. While this manga may have been based off of another work by the author, I feel that they should've at least attempted to properly end the series, especially since they had a few pages left over (that they decided to use for an omake...)