May 14, 2015
Amnesia (Anime) add (All reviews)
Randomshell (All reviews)
Amnesia is by far one of the worst anime I've ever watched.

I don't know if I missed something or if I just don't understand reverse harem but this was one of the worst anime I've ever watched.

Let's start with the story.
Basically it's about a girl with no memories who die every fourth episode and restart from August 1 with a new boyfriend.

I guess the story had potential but it didn't even get close to the greatness it could have achieved.

I thought it was going to start up all tangled, which it did, then sort out into a massive mind blow. The only blow I got was an explosion of disappointment because it turned out to be one of the most pathetic love stories I have ever encountered. I would love to go in to detail but since you're not allowed to write spoilers in a review I can not tell my most delicious insults towards this shallow and superficial 3 episode love that goes on between the characters..... Oops!

Now let's move on to the characters shall we?
The first thing i want to comment on is that the anime does a great job satisfying all the shippers and bringing out the characteristics of the boys by allowing the main character 2 - 3 episodes to get to know them. That way the fan girls can fan girl over their tragic personalities and i can puke on how ridiculously stereotypical they are.

We have Mr. Braincells who is socially awkward and doesn't understand love.
The mysterious negative emo with a broken home.
An extremely energetic big brother type and not to forget
the disgustingly slimy womanizer who tries to make you feel sorry for him because all the girls fall for him.

(so far this anime still sounds kind of interesting... damn...)

No offence to those who had a favorite boy. I'd by lying if I said I didn't. After all I'm a girl and most of us are infected with shipping disease. There has to be a couple right?

Oh! there is also a supporting character that is supposed to be helping the main character to get through her amnesia but he pops up for 2 minutes every 4 episodes and gives almost no help at all. Well... maybe he does. He tells her when to talk and run at least because apparently, she doesn't know when to do that. Which brings me to the worst, saddest, most pathetic female lead in the history of anime.

She was so pathetic she didn't even deserve a name and there fore, I can not insult her by using her name because she really doesn't have one.

Out of all the important memories you'd want to return, your name should be a priority right? Neither did anyone else bother to use it at any point during these 12 episodes....hmmm... *suspicion rises*

Now let me sum up her personality in three simple words you probably learned in kindergarten and if you ever watch the show, you'll realize how spot on I am:

Walking, talking, rock.

Sometimes she wasn't even talking at all. Just making weird little shy girl sounds. That didn't bother me as much as the fact that she couldn't do anything by herself though. She couldn't even think by herself. In a dangerous situation she did nothing unless someone told her what to do. If you ever want to complain about something objectifying women, complain about this. She was just like an object and not more interesting than the hat she is always wearing on her kawaii little head.

Which brings me to the art style.
I did not love the art style since I'm not particularly fond of hair sticking out of their heads like spiky antennas or the weird three colored eyes that makes it look like they are constantly sleepy or bored but after a while it became oddly satisfying and I started to realize the slight charm hidden behind those weird goth clothes.

I can not comment on the soundtrack very much since it wasn't very memorable and the opening and ending didn't really interest me so i can't comment on those either since I always skipped.

So to end my positive review:
This anime wasn't as good as it could have been since it had a weak story line and a bad ending not to mention the superficial bonds that were created between the boring, spine less characters that couldn't convince me one bit when they confessed their love all over the place. They couldn't even manage to carry out the one thing the whole anime was about (giving her her memories back)
The art style was peculiar but oddly satisfying while the soundtrack wasn't memorable at all. It was bad from episode 1 and it was a drag getting through the episodes although they were only 12.
The ending was a twist but it was not believable enough to even deserve a reference and if you like this anime and think I'm wrong and made a bigger mistake than Microsoft Office when they gave birth to Clippy, I am not sorry, i just didn't like this anime.