May 11, 2015
CarryOnFlareon (All reviews)
Normally I stay very, VERY clear from ecchi-type anime. I cannot stand harem shit, I can't do the gross sexism and fanservice grossness, and I really don't have the patience to sit through hours upon hours of "will they? won't they? lol of course not." When a good friend of mine recommended it to me I was extremely skeptical, but once I started the first episode I was immediately hooked.

The main character is practically a carbon copy of myself at 15 - so incredibly interested in having sex, but equally awkward about actually making it happen. I related to her so much, and I really believe this is because the author is a (talented) woman; she is really able to get into the hormone-addled mind of a curious but inexperienced teenage girl. I found myself cheering her on from the very beginning and was actually holding my breath when things got interesting. The other characters are cute and just about everyone gets a good amount of actual development, which is not what I was expecting from a show like this.

Other than the premise and characters though, a lot of aspects fell short. The music was forgettable, the animation was pretty standard, etc. The humor was just a bit repetitive, but surprisingly did get a few out-loud laughs from me. The ending was a disappointment, since there was no real "conclusion" to speak of - I had to turn to the manga (starting around chapter 260) for closure.

I watched the English dub, and the voice acting was pretty good! Normally I stick pretty exclusively to subs, but having watched parts of this both ways, I can pretty safely say that the jokes translated much better when used with American slang.

Yamada and her little sex goddess character really what made this show special, though. I wasn't expecting to connect so much with her or to root for a character every step of the way, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see a female lead who was just as outspoken about sex as I was at her age. Although I may not rewatch this, if any additional content is made, I will be very eager to see it!